Aerial Intelligence

for better operations


Known for its cutting edge approach to UAV design, Asteria integrates robotics, artificial
intelligence and the latest UAV technologies to capture data with unmatched flexibility
and ease. Combined with Asteria’s in-house data analytics and visualization software,
Asteria can get your operational productivity soaring.



Drone Data

No Apps
to install

Future ready

Remote Command
and control

Safety first


If your specialization is not in mastering the use of UAVs, let Asteria custom design a solution
tailored for you. Selecting from a diverse range of UAV platforms, payloads and data analytics &
visualization software, a turn-key solution brings speed and precision to decision-making
to your business without fuss.

Asteria has provided customised end-to-end solutions that effectively integrate into workflows for
law & security enforcement agencies, mining, construction, agriculture, telecoms and others. With
the power of Asteria’s turn-key solution embedded in your workflow, many operational advantages
can be unlocked. Cost efficiencies, speed of response, quality of data, reduction of risk are all
enabled through UAV integration.

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