Redefining Technology,

Transforming Enterprise.


In working, a robotics and artificial intelligence company. At heart, a creative hub of free and innovative thought and action. At Asteria Aerospace, one of the best aerospace companies in Bangalore, we develop high quality UAV-based solutions and products to translate aerial view data into actionable intelligence. We have been re-imagining technology through our entire stack of hardware, software and analytics products and solutions. Consistent curiosity and innovation push our team to create highly customized end-to-end solutions – each one of them designed, developed, tested and innovated in-house. In creating deeply customizable solutions, we ensure enterprises save time and streamline internal processes, making workflows effective and collaborative.

our vision

To lead the conversation and creation around indigenously manufactured, world class UAS solutions. At Asteria, we work on continuous development and innovation , thus transforming the way government and critical enterprise sectors perform and move into the future.

our mission

To develop and innovate path-breaking yet reliable and flexible UAV solutions that make difficult data capture possible and turn insights into actionable intelligence. 



Nihar has a B.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering from Purdue University. He has worked at renowned establishments like Boeing Co. and Accenture before founding Asteria. Through his previous professional experiences, Nihar brings in a great deal of hands-on experience around flight test procedures, quality assurance, process improvement and lean manufacturing processes, among others. At Asteria, Nihar is responsible for business development, client management, developing sales, and creating & administering effective marketing methods. He also maintains investor relations, develops funding sources and oversees the fiscal health of the company.



Neel has a B.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering from Purdue University and a M.S. degree in the same field from Georgia Tech, with a specialization in Flight Dynamics and Control. Prior to founding Asteria, Neel worked for more than 3 years as a System Engineer (Flight Controls) in Rockwell Collins Inc., USA. He has extensive experience in flight control law design and analysis, flight simulation, flight test, developing and certifying end-to-end flight control systems and, designing & testing avionics subsystems. At Asteria, Neel is responsible for leading product development, focusing on the research of new technologies for making innovative products. Neel also pursues and develops opportunities to collaborate with external technology partners.


While being a technologically-driven company, Asteria Aerospace draws its inspiration and creativity from its people. This makes our Bangalore-based office a dynamic space for collaboration, ideas, thought leadership, equal opportunity and continuous innovation.

Expertise & Core Competencies

With a team of 70 + engineers with deep technological experience and
expertise, Asteria Aerospace functions in the following competencies :

End-to-end unmanned aerial systems

Lightweight rugged aerostructures

Miniaturized avionics

Autonomous control systems

Desktop, mobile and web software platforms