Changing the
Face of technology


In working, a robotics and artificial intelligence company. At heart, a creative hub of free and innovative thought and action. At Asteria Aerospace, one of the best aerospace companies in Bangalore, we develop high quality UAV solutions and products to translate aerial view data into actionable intelligence. We have been re-imagining technology through our entire stack of hardware, software and analytics products and solutions. At Asteria Aerospace, people, technology and the spirit of innovation blend together to offer defining results to critical enterprises and sectors. Since all our solutions are designed, developed and tested in-house, we are able to create a highly dynamic and satisfying work environment.

“Asteria Aerospace presents opportunities to work at the cross-section of aerospace, robotics and artificial intelligence to develop cutting edge drone-based solutions that transform every job site.”

Neel Mehta,
Director & Co-Founder


Highly energized work ethos

Competitive compensation plans

Stock options for high performers

Employee health insurance

Work-life balance