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Defense & Homeland Security

Asteria’s powerful military grade drones offer 360 surveillance for early detection of
threats, tracking of ground assets, disaster management and search & rescue.
Select from a wide range of UAV platforms, cameras & sensors, and application specific software for the perfect solution to all forms of security. Defense and Homeland Security solutions can easily work at all levels of activity, from military to police and private security firms.

Security & Surveillance

In the high priority context of security and surveillance, it is of paramount importance to use the best professional drone. Asteria offers Security & Surveillance products and solutions, including both flagship hardware and software as well as specialised platforms.



A micro UAV ideal for quick deployment for local surveillance and easy to carry.


A mini DGCA certified UAV that balances ease of use and transportability yet packs a punch with its ability to carry an advanced payload of cameras and sensors.

A400 Max

Maximise the utility of the A400 with enhanced endurance and all-weather operations.


The ultimate in VTOL design, ready for those instances where only the best will do.

A410 XT

An upgrade on Asteria’s signature A410, the A410 XT showcases higher endurance, weight and range capabilities.


A no-fuss fixed wing UAV ideal for routine endurance surveillance.


Asteria’s signature UAV combining the best of VTOL convenience and fixed-wing efficiency. Ideal for endurance and long-distance surveillance missions.


Track and control a fleet of drones, while monitoring incoming real time video and data. Ideally suited for integration into surveillance and security workflows.