Estimate risks and assess crop yields in good time to be able to reduce costs and improve future planning. With Asteria’s readily customizable UAV solutions, observation and measurement of farming data become exponentially easier. Let precise aerial view data reading and analysis give you the insights you require. Through hardware that endures the most challenging environments and software that makes information integration and analytics possible without fuss. Whether you are a grower, an agronomist or a crop insurance company, Asteria’s UAV solutions can offer you repeatable success.

Crop Health Monitoring

Maximize crop yields through routine observation of crop colour, heat radiation, density and other early symptoms of infection or poor health. Identify optimal harvest patterns by tracking crop growth rates and identifying produce maturity.

Damage Assessment

Shorten response time in the face of a natural or any other kind of disaster. Get access to high-definition visual data that can bring you a clear picture of the extent of damage and help you plan your next steps.

Yield Estimation

Meet your critical goal of improved crop yield estimation. Detect nuances of in-field variability that can help you strategize around the condition & health of your crops.

Land Preparation &
Irrigation Planning

Get clear and concise visual data on how to plan tillage for the best crop yield. Have multispectral images help you calculate indexes and plan for irrigation based on environmental changes.

Crop/Tree Counting

Get a realistic view of the number of crops and trees in your agricultural setup. Have our UAV solutions generate and analyze high-definition images and videos of your entire farming area, instead of just a part of it.

Visual Records
for Claim Purposes

Get ahead of possible damages through visual records that can have your back when you need it the most. With multispectral and hyperspectral images, analyses of damages and action around next steps improve.

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