Mining intelligence

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Gather richer insights while reducing human risk, creating more possibilities for your mining enterprise to grow. Go hassle-free with Asteria’s on-demand solutions. Looking to reduce the scale of on-ground costs? Eager to reduce risk while increasing productivity across your mining project? Asteria’s solutions have dynamic answers. Using the latest technology, these solutions endure and excel in the most challenging quarry environments. To get you high-definition imagery that you can then use to perform the most business relevant actions.

Mine Site Planning

Change the way you optimize resources while you lay down the larger vision for a mine site. Get visual data that elevates your design, preparation and extractions.

Site Monitoring & Maintenance

Introduce efficiency into everyday site monitoring and maintenance using superior data projections. From 3D point clouds to orthomosaic maps, our integrated systems are designed to enhance everyday mining operations.

Mapping & Surveying

Achieve more positional accuracy while you gather aerial view data on discrete points across your entire mining project area.

Progress Tracking

Access the advantage of on-point data capture and subsequent analyses, reducing human error and improving course correction.

Inventory Tracking

Calculate stockpile volumes on a daily basis with greater accuracy. Make innovations based on the quick but precise results you draw.


Increase your situational awareness with live maps and accurate data capture. Get improved access to every part of the site without endangering life or losing time.

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