Data accuracy

for improved networks


Prepare for new industry challenges without breaking your enterprise efficiency, reducing costs and response time along the way. Garner fresher insights through high-definition image and video captures to determine performance. Planning how to set up a telecom site? Attempting to perform ongoing high-risk inspections? Asteria’s end-to-end UAS solutions are designed to solve the most complex problems for your telecom enterprise.

Construction Planning

Pace up your tower construction plans by getting analysed data to create topographic models and 3D CAD models.

Progress Monitoring

Keep your project timelines on track by interpreting valuable aerial view data gathered from the most challenging heights and terrain.

Monitoring Human Resource Utilization

Discover the specifics of human resource utilization by what photogrammetric data reveals.

Inventory Checks

Access the advantage of end-to-end inventory audits without having to put a halt to operations. Build insights through customized reports.

Network Planning & Network Assurance

Gain portfolio-wide aerial intelligence with drone survey mapping. Progress from line-of-sight inspections to showcase enhanced network capabilities.

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