Sophisticated analysis

for smooth transmission

Utilities & Energy

Have your power distribution networks work at optimum capacity consistently, even as you detect glitches faster and easier. Improve efficiency, accuracy and productivity of your workforce using powerful visual data integrated by our solutions. Supplement work already being done by ground patrol with a fleet of drones that can pull out information and insight from the most challenging scenarios.

Inspection & Maintenance

Beat the hazards of weather and terrain to inspect using the endurance of our UAV drone technology. Perform challenging yet necessary inspections channelling intelligence from high resolution visual data.

Site Planning

Scope sites or map solar panel orientation with more efficiency than ever before. Asteria’s enterprise solutions address the tiniest details.

Optimization of Ground Patrol

Make your ground patrol more capable in less time. Let our powerful cameras and sensors work hard for you, while you gather data to decide on next steps essential for enterprise success.

Logistics Planning

Streamline delivery channels and sourcing methods for raw materials by viewing detailed visual infrastructure inspections.

Quality Control

Enhance transmission and distribution processes by accessing insights pulled out of two and three dimension live maps.

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