Defence &
Homeland Security

Real-time intelligence for
mission critical applications


Armed Forces

Robust & long endurance systems to perform missions across challenging terrains and environmental conditions.

  • Counter Insurgency
  • Battlefield Support
  • Reconnaissance

Paramilitary Forces

360° coverage and aerial intelligence to tackle blind spots & augment patrolling.

  • Internal Security
  • Border Security
  • Maritime Security

Police Forces

Real-time aerial surveillance to aid in incident response, securing sensitive areas & detecting illegal activities.

  • Crowd Monitoring
  • Traffic Management
  • Law Enforcement

Disaster Management

Minimize risk to human life and property by real-time situational awareness for timely mitigation actions.

  • Natural and Man-made Disasters
  • Search & Rescue Operations
  • Situational Awareness of Affected Areas

Our Expertise

170+ rugged, reliable, and performance-driven drones serving our armed and paramilitary forces.

360° day and night surveillance at high altitudes with best-in-class range and endurance.

Advanced camera payloads & sensors with real-time target detection and tracking capabilities to support ISR missions.



Real-time Intelligence


Situational Awareness


360° Aerial Surveillance


Customized Solutions

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