Energy & Utilities

Inspect critical assets and minimize downtime using drone solutions


Power Transmission & Distribution

  • Inspect insulator health on high-voltage lines without shutting down operations.
  • Assess structural integrity of transmission towers without the need for manual climbing.
  • Periodically monitor vegetation encroachment along your RoU route to eliminate the risk of breakdowns and fires.


  • Conduct site selection surveys for green field solar farm prospecting by creating digital terrain models.
  • Monitor construction progress of solar farms using aerial data and automated reporting.
  • Detect anomalies in solar panels and increase operational efficiency using thermal maps generated from drone data.


  • Inspect wind turbines with minimal downtime and identify damage, cracks, and other anomalies on wind turbine blades.
  • Digitize inspections with high-quality aerial video and imagery records.
  • Increase worker safety by reducing manual climbs for turbine inspection.

Our Expertise

30X optical zoom with full HD cameras to safely inspect assets from a distance.

Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) accuracy of <5 pixels/cm.

High-resolution data captured for 100+ transmission towers across India.

How We Deliver

Data Collection

Capture the intricate details of critical assets using Asteria’s DGCA certified A200-XT drone with advanced camera payloads. Our proprietary automated flight paths ensure repeatable and accurate data capture of videos and images.

Data Processing & Analysis

Process high-resolution drone data and generate meaningful insights through SkyDeck, Asteria’s cloud-based platform:

  • Analyze the details of the physical state of the assets and detect anomalies on 2D maps, 3D digital twins, and video captures.
  • Consolidate and record the data of periodic inspections on a single platform for historical change analysis and compliance.

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Data Delivery

SkyDeck, our end-to-end drone to data cloud platform delivers accurate inspection data and reports that can be used to collaborate with multiple stakeholders easily and make informed decisions.



faster asset inspections


Less time spent on site 


Increase in collaboration

Drone-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Enhance operational efficiency without investing in hardware, software, and analytics using Drone-as-a-Service solution.

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