GIS Surveying & Mapping

Efficiently & accurately map thousands of square kilometers using drones


Land Surveying

Create high-resolution maps, digital surface and terrain models to understand topography and land use patterns.

Land Management

Simplify and accelerate construction site selection, design, and progress monitoring with the help of AI-based insights.

Watershed Management

Ensure effective planning and management of watershed at scale with the help of drone data.

Our Expertise

Delivering use-case specific insights from aerial mapping data.

50+ trained pilots for operations at scale.

#1 drone service provider with coverage of largest land area in India.

A complete solution with hardware, software, workflow management, training & support.

How We Deliver

Data Collection

Scale up your land surveying capabilities with Asteria’s range of survey-grade drones that can capture up to 5 sq. km in a single flight, without compromising on accuracy. Our integrated high-resolution cameras can achieve a ground sampling distance of <3 cm/pixel from a flight altitude of 120 meters.

Data Processing & Analysis

Leverage the power of hyperscale in Asteria’s cloud GIS data processing platform to stitch hundreds of sq. km of drone survey data, all through your browser, without having to purchase any high-performance workstations.

  • Use powerful ML algorithms to extract invaluable insights.
  • Share and collaborate with stakeholders and clients easily and securely.

Data Delivery

With SkyDeck, accessing high-volume GIS data is simply a click away. Load and visualize high-resolution maps in under a few seconds without the need for expensive GIS tools. Run analytics and generate reports to share with your collaborators and customers.



reduction in time & cost 


Up to 60% 
increase in collaboration


<24 hours
from data collection to processing 

Drone-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Enhance operational efficiency without investing in hardware, software, and analytics using Drone-as-a-Service solution.

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Digitize GIS & Mapping operations using Drones

Conduct accurate surveys, monitor progress, and enhance the operational efficiency...

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Land Mapping Operations with SkyDeck

Elevate & Streamline Drone Data Capture and Validation in Land Mapping Operations using SkyDeck

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What makes Asteria drone solutions ideal for GIS surveying and mapping?

Know the benefits of integrating drones in GIS projects.

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