Manufacturing & Heavy Industries

Improve plant safety and monitor operations effectively


Assets Inspection

  • Inspect critical assets like pressure vessels, containers, storage tanks, piping, and others with minimal downtime.

Routine Plant Maintenance

  • Scan plant infrastructure and build 3D digital models to assist in preventive maintenance activities.

Situational Awareness

  • Gain situational awareness during emergencies with first response and live video streaming.

Our Expertise

High performance drones with swappable payloads, secure communications, obstacle avoidance, and geofencing.

Cloud-platform to access real-time video from multiple drones remotely and integrate with Video Management Systems (VMS)

20+ MNCs & PSUs have deployed Asteria’s drone solutions on their premise for security & surveillance.

How We Deliver

Data Collection

Capture high-resolution data for asset inspection on a regular basis using drones. Automatically avoid flying near hazardous areas with  pre-defined flightpaths and geofencing capabilities of Asteria’s drones.

Data Processing & Analysis

Automate the processing of data to detect the inspection issues using the power of AI through SkyDeck – Asteria’s cloud-based platform :

  • Analyze drone asset inspection data to detect cracks, rust, and hotspots and visualize as-built reports of all assets and resources.
  • Access 2D maps, 3D models, videos and images of all assets across plants in one platform.
  • Measure in 2D/3D, annotate issues and share across collaborators.

Data Delivery

With SkyDeck, high-resolution plant inspection data captured from drones is just a click away. Use a simple browser to collaborate on data and callout issues. Generate and access reports of meaningful insights about asset health to make informed decisions.



Up to 50% 
less inspection costs 


faster inspection


Minimum downtime 
during inspection


Enhance safety
of workers

Drone-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Enhance operational efficiency without investing in hardware, software, and analytics using Drone-as-a-Service solution.

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