End-to-End implementation

of UAV solutions


Asteria’s customised solutions are developed to gather data, visualize insights and bring speed and precision to your decision-making.

With selection from a diverse range of UAV platforms, payloads and data analytics & visualization software, Asteria can provide solutions specific to any industry and have it integrated into core workflows quickly. Need to track for threats over many kilometres? Define the potential crop productivity of soils? Identify infrastructure integrity across states? Map with fine detail land topology or buildings? Using Asteria’s turn-key solutions, you can do this and more.

defence and
homeland security

Knowledge is Power

Asteria’s powerful military grade drones offer 360 surveillance for early detection of threats, tracking of ground assets, disaster management and search & rescue.

Select the appropriate cameras and sensors for any terrain and weather. Live stream the UAV data to Asteria’s complementary software platforms to access instant detection and location visualisations for real time response.


Knowledge is Money

Asteria’s diverse range of UAVs and sensors can collect the commercially valuable information to supercharge your business.

Integrate field observation insights directly into your business workflows. Access real-world data to replace your in-house estimations, and extract industry specific insights with industry tailored software that feeds directly into process workflows.

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