Digitize mines to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity


Mine Planning & Operations

  • Digitize and record accurate inventory audits through stockpile volume estimation using drone data.
  • Get visual data that elevates mine design, preparation, and extractions. Plan and design haul roads, blast sites, watershed, floor flow and drainages efficiently.
  • Monitor land development and ensure regulatory compliance.

Mine Safety & Security

  • Measure slopes, haul road widths to ensure safety of operations using drone data.
  • Increase situational and safety awareness of daily operations with live aerial video giving a 360-degree bird’s-eye perspective.
  • Secure mining site and assets using drones for day and night large area surveillance.

Our Expertise

Survey grade accuracy with PPK GPS enabled drones.

One-stop shop for both survey and surveillance drone requirements.

End-to-end drone solutions including hardware and software.

How We Deliver

Data Collection

Capture richer insights for improving the efficiency of mining operations while reducing human risk with India’s first DGCA certified micro-category A200 drone with high-resolution camera and PPK GPS. Get centimetre-level accuracy of geotagged images for accurate stockpile volume estimation and asset utilization with minimum groundwork.

Data Processing & Analysis

Automate drone data processing and generate meaningful insights through SkyDeck, Asteria’s cloud-based platform:

  • Visualize 2D/3D mine survey data and conduct measurements of distances, elevation, slopes, stockpile volumes.
  • Plan watershed, flood flow & drainages with highly accurate 3D models.
  • Record historical survey data on a single platform and conduct change analysis.
  • Live stream video from drone to cloud and monitor site operations remotely.

Data Delivery

SkyDeck, Asteria’s end-to-end drone to data solution provides a cloud-based platform where various stakeholders can securely interact and collaborate on 2D maps and terrain models, 3D models, videos and raw images through a simple web browser. Automated and customized reports of measurements, annotations and analysis can be generated, downloaded and shared through the same platform.



Up to 98%
survey accuracy


increase in survey efficiency


increase in collaboration


aerial coverage of mines

Drone-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Enhance operational efficiency without investing in hardware, software, and analytics using Drone-as-a-Service solution.

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