Press Release | Asteria’s A400 drone receives DGCA Certification

Asteria Aerospace is pleased to announce that its flagship multi-rotor product, A400 Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) has been granted provisional certification from India’s statutory body – the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The certification of the A400 is a significant addition to Asteria’s suite of DGCA certified products, adding to the previous certification granted for micro class A200 UAS.  

The DGCA certification of the A200 and now the A400 validates compliance to all design and manufacturing standards laid down by the DGCA, including No Permission No Takeoff (NPNT).  The larger A400 system offers a significant improvement to the utility and flexibility of Asteria’s product suite.  Classed as a small sized UAV, the A400 weighs in a little under 3.5kg and is capable of vertical takeoff and landing. The A400 comes with an HD video camera payload, a flight time of 40 minutes and an operational range of 5km radius, specifications that are ideally suited for the more demanding needs of commercial and enterprise customers.

All communication between the A400 and the Ground Control Station is encrypted with the industry grade AES 128-bit protocol, providing safety and security for the A400 and the necessary flight telemetry data. Asteria’s custom built Mission Control software allows the A400 pilot to point-and-click command & control the A400 with an intuitive graphical user interface.  All flight operations of the A400 can be fully automated with single click takeoff, dynamic waypoint navigation, geofencing, and single click Return to Launch Site functions. Integrated failsafe flight modes provide protection against low battery, loss of communication link, and loss of critical navigation sensors.

In addition, the A400 can be operated in real-time from any remote location using its seamless integration to Asteria’s GENESISTM platform.