Asteria Aerospace receives type certification for its surveillance & inspection drone A410-XT

Asteria Aerospace, a full stack drone technology company, has received type certification for its A410-XT drone from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Asteria now is the first company to have 3 DGCA certified drones – 2 under the small category and 1 under micro category. This certification makes the A410-XT drone fully compliant with the safety and quality standards laid down in the Drone Rules, 2021 for operations in the Indian airspace.

Asteria’s A410-XT drone is a multirotor platform with a best-in-class endurance of more than 60 minutes and versatile payload capabilities suited for surveillance & security and industrial inspection applications. It is packed with safety features such as dual GPS sensors for redundancy, terrain follow, geofencing, and failsafes for low battery, communication loss, and high winds. The drone features quick-connect swappable payloads providing day or night, high resolution, high zoom aerial video and images.

The A410-XT ensures robust and secure communication in all environments with a long-range, digital Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) communication link integrated with AES-128 bit data encryption for maximum security. With its lightweight and flexible design, the A410-XT drone is ideal for serving both defence and enterprise applications