Industry News | Drone industry thrives in 2022, calls for continued government support in 2023

The drone industry had reason to rejoice in 2022. From Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman launching Drone Shakti, a mission to make India a drone hub by 2030, to Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasising the technology's use in fields such as agriculture, the nascent industry has received support from the government, industry, and allied sectors.

In a September EY-FICCI report titled "Making India the drone hub of the world," the manufacturing potential of India’s drone industry was pegged at $23 billion approximately by 2030. The report said that with proper manufacturing and investment, India can become the world's drone hub by 2030.

Despite the industry's positive outlook, there are some areas where more government intervention would be beneficial. For example, India does not currently manufacture 100% indigenous drone technology. Recently, a few startups have been called out for rebadging foreign drones and passing them off as made in India.

The government granted Type Certification to Reliance-backed Asteria Aerospace Limited.  Money Control Budget 2023