Featured | Drone Technology – Driving Aerial Innovation in multiple industries

The Indian drone industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and new applications for drones are being uncovered with every passing day in the country. While drone technology evolved to primarily serve military forces, today it finds uses in sectors as diverse as agriculture, oil & gas, mining, telecom, and healthcare– to improve operational efficiency, safety, and cost. With the rapid advancement in technology, innovation in its use, and integration with other emerging technologies such as 5G, AI/ML, and IoT, drones have the potential to create a widespread impact in every industry.

One of the largest deployments of drones in the country has been initiated as a part of the SVAMITVA scheme in which drones are being used for mapping the land parcels of 6.6 lakh villages across India to create accurate digitized property records. Today, more than 2 lakh villages have already been surveyed using drones, making this a globally unprecedented use of drone technology for rural development. Mann Ki Baat