PM Modi flies drone developed by Bengaluru-based company

During the Bharat Drone Mahotsav, PM Narendra Modi flew a drone made by a Bengaluru-based drone company. The drone, manufactured by Bengaluru-based full-stack drone company Asteria Aerospace Limited, was piloted by Modi moments after he inaugurated the two-day festival.

Asteria Aerospace, a company owned by Reliance Industries Ltd subsidiary Jio Platforms, works in the areas of providing aerial data, with manufacturing capabilities, and it has till now serviced government as well as defence, homeland security, agriculture, oil and gas, energy and utilities, telecommunications, mining, and construction sectors. Nihar Vartak, co-founder of the company, said that when they started ten years ago, there were not many organisations to enter the drone space in India. “Since then we have seen an exponential growth in the demand and usage of this technology across multiple industry sectors. We will continue to explore newer avenues where drone technology can make an impact,” Vartak said in a company release.