Press Release | Reliance Industries Invests in Asteria

As of 13th December 2019, Reliance Industries Limited, through its fully owned subsidiary, Reliance Strategic Business Ventures Limited, bought a strategic stake in Asteria Aerospace. Reliance Industries Limited, a Fortune 500 company and India’s largest private-sector corporation, has business interests across energy, materials, retail, entertainment, telecom and digital services.

This investment is testament to Asteria’s outstanding team, products, and technology that we have built over the years. We are excited about the potential that this collaboration unlocks for Asteria, our customers, and the drone ecosystem in the years to come.

While Asteria has a proven track record of serving India’s armed, paramilitary, and police forces for over 5 years now, the investment from Reliance Industries will allow us to accelerate our technology development and fasten the roll out drone-based solutions across multiple industry domains.

We foresee that drones will play a vital role in transforming operations in sectors ranging from security, energy & utilities, agriculture, GIS, construction, mining to logistics.

Asteria Aerospace stands prepared and ready to lead this transformation with our customers.