Press Release | The first Digital Sky enabled NPNT drone

Introducing India’s first legal drone flight! On December 1st, 2018, India set out to enable legalized drone flights, releasing regulations for drone manufacturing, certification and operations. The regulatory framework included a vision for the Digital Sky platform – a first of its kind system to implement a digital ‘No Permission, No Take-off’ (NPNT) regulatory control over all drone flights throughout the nation. 

We are delighted to announce that the first Digital Sky enabled NPNT drone flight in India has now been carried out by our partner Quidich Innovation Labs, using Asteria’s A200 micro drone! Quidich Innovation Labs, a longstanding partner of Asteria, purchased the NPNT-certified A200 drone and with assistance from Algopixel Technologies, registered the drone and obtained the first UIN issued by Digital Sky.

The first NPNT drone flight is a watershed moment for the drone industry in India, after much effort having been put by all the government and industry stakeholders – MoCA, DGCA, AAI, Happiest Minds. Asteria is proud to be associated with the first compliant drone flight and hope that this will pave the way for secure, safe, and compliant drone operations to roll out for everyone throughout the country. - The WEEK