Innovation Reshaping Industries Globally

Surveying & Mapping


Reduce turnaround time and deliver projects efficiently


~95% accuracy

Achieve unmatched precision
in plant stand counting


< 2 minutes

Respond to threats 1 km away
with real-time awareness

Oil and Gas

< 12 hours

Obtain data on identified
encroachments after a pipeline survey

Maximising Value with SkyDeck

Data Capture
  • Effortless mission planning, precision flights, on ground quality checks
  • Digitize site to map in minutes, with the accuracy of RTK/PPK geo-tagging
Data Processing
  • From high-resolution drone imagery to structured, geo-referenced datasets
  • Unparalleled precision with advanced photogrammetry and web geo-tiling
Data Interaction
  • Seamless data exploration with dynamic 2D/3D visualization
  • Engage, analyze, and interact with data featuring overlay, tagging, and annotation
Data Analytics
  • AI-powered insights enabling data-driven decisions
  • Discover patterns and anomalies using advanced analytics
Data Reporting
  • Comprehensive analysis from flights to findings
  • Empowering team with instant reports, fostering quick decisions

SkyDeck with A200-XT:

Optimized for Enterprise Excellence

Superior surveillance and
mapping with versatile payloads

Built for Enterprise

Fortified Security

Customized data access tailored to user needs.

Unified Collaboration

Share GIS data effortlessly and
coordinate with your team in real-time.

Scalability On-Demand

Adapts to your enterprise's growing data management necessities.

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