Drone to Insights made Easy through SkyDeck

Cloud-based drone operations platform for providing end-to-end drone as a service solutions

Managing an enterprise drone program?

Reduce complexity. Plan, Fly, Visualize, and Analyze, with a single full-stack drone solution.


Schedule and manage drone missions across projects and sites seamlessly.


Capture high quality aerial data through automated drone flights.


View sites with high-resolution geospatial imagery captured from drones.


Draw business insights from aerial data and collaborate with all stakeholders to make informed decisions.
  • Plan
  • Fly
  • Visualize
  • Analyze

Intelligent Modules for Effortless Drone Operations

SkyDeck streamlines drone operations and data management to make aerial intelligence work for you


Manage large drone fleets with ease

Easily manage fleet inventory, scheduling, and compliance by having total visibility and control of drones, pilots, and flight data.


Reduce time spent on configuring missions and drone flights

Plan, execute, and manage missions and drone flights, while ensuring adherence to safety and security through geofences and nofly zones.


Create and manage drone programs at scale

Empower and enable the stakeholders across the organisation by building a asset digitization roadmap. Create scalable drone programs and manage on a single unified platform across geographies.


View and analyse your digitised sites portfolio

Collaborate on aerial geospatial data to monitor sites and inspect critical assets. View and analyse maps, 3D and video data to gain actionable insights.

Drone as a Service (DaaS)

Customized solutions across industries

Explore how aerial intelligence can transform your business.
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