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In the high priority context of security and surveillance, it is of paramount importance for you to use the best professional drone. Asteria offers security and surveillance specific products and solutions, including both flagship hardware and software as well as an integrative platform. This enables multiple critical sectors including the army, the military and the police forces to generate insights from real-time data, images and videos. These solutions are developed and designed to meet tailored requirements, so that you can do more. The result is more effective decision-making and critical action in emergent and sustaining situations.


Rapid changes are common in security and surveillance operations. Asteria’s solutions create ideal border management support for officials to view the right data and create an action plan within a short time

Damage Assessment

After any disaster, damage assessment is a crucial requirement. Our end-to-end UAV solutions capture high-definition oblique imagery and then process them to offer valuable information and insights.

Border Security

At a time when national security more critical than ever, Asteria’s security and surveillance specific solutions are geared to capture data around irregular activities and movement. With a number of payload capabilities as well as a customizable endurance features, they do the work that ground sensors are unable to.

Battlefield Support

Where effective and efficient combat is the ultimate goal, commanders need technology that can expand their vision without risking human lives. Atseria’s tactical UAV solutions generate data and analyze them methodically, for better planning and decision-making

ASSET Security

Pair drone reconnaissance with mission critical assets to enhance protection.

Homeland Security

In the mission critical homeland security environment, preparedness, active response and recovery all play strong roles. Asteria uses latest technology and design thinking led approach to develop UAV solutions with improved endurance and more precise data capture & analysis.

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