Asteria Mission Control

An intuitive, modern user interface application to make drone piloting easy, safe, and efficient


Plan & execute autonomous, simplified,
accurate & fast drone missions

Asteria Mission Control application comes with user-friendly tools to enable pilots to plan end-to-end drone missions and maintain enhanced situational awareness in flight.

Asteria Mission Control features point-and-click mission planning and full payload control with video, snapshot, and record/playback capabilities.


Simplify complex drone missions with Asteria Mission Control

Path Planning

Plan automated flights within minutes by configuring a variety of pre-built flight routes for mapping and inspection applications.

Versatile Maps

Compatible with open-source, proprietary, and defence series maps with the ability to cache maps when operating in environments with poor network connectivity.

Pre-flight Checks

Built-in pre-flight checks to ensure safe operations and reduce pilot error.

Terrain Awareness

Conduct safe and effective flights in any terrain using advanced terrain-aware flight planning features.

Live View & Camera Control

Low latency real-time video and intuitive camera controls for mission success.

Remote Live Streaming

Live stream drone video and flight information to remote locations through Asteria's SkyDeck cloud platform.


Record flight routes, videos, and images in flight. Playback historic missions to review and analyze critical information.

Multi-Drone Control

Connect multiple drones simultaneously and execute multi-drone missions from a single laptop with ease.

Asteria Mission Control Advantage

Plan and fly complex drone missions with ease using Asteria Mission Control


Simple & risk free flight planning


Safe & efficient missions


Enhanced flight safety


Real-time situational


Exceptional flight control

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