Digitize and inspect telecom
towers with Asteria’s drone solutions


Network Assurance 

  • Audit tower inventory and identify discrepancies in design using up-to-date digital twin data generated from drones.
  • Get accurate position and orientation of every single antenna on a tower to maintain a healthy network.
  • Perform line of site analysis to ensure connectivity between towers.
  • Get 360-degree comprehensive view of tower neighbourhood to improve coverage quality & efficiency.
  • Accurately identify available space on telecom towers to mount additional equipment.

Operations & Maintenance

  • Identify potential telecom tower sites through topographic analysis.
  • Perform digital inspections to identify rust, missing members, loose cables, and other anomalies for timely maintenance actions.
  • Assess and record tower integrity after natural disasters.
  • Document 2D/3D digital data of towers and sites for records.

Our Expertise

Proprietary automated drone flight path generation to inspect towers, even in congested spaces.

Generation of sub-cm level accurate 3D digital twin models of towers within 48-hour turnaround time.

AI/ML algorithms to automatically identify, classify, and measure 3D tower assets and detect anomalies like rust.

How We Deliver

Data Collection

Capture high-resolution imagery by using automated, repeatable flight paths of our drones to provide 100% inspection coverage of telecom towers.

Data Processing & Analysis

Automate drone data processing and generate actionable insights using SkyDeck – Asteria’s cloud-based platform:

  • Visualize and inspect 3D as-built telecom tower models, images, videos on SkyDeck. Perform 2D/3D measurements on the models.
  • Automatically identify and segment all tower assets (panel/dish antenna, RRU) using AI/ML algorithms and accurately measure their position and orientation.
  • Automatically identify rust with the classification of severity on tower structures to take preventive actions.
  • Analyze the details of the physical state of assets and detect anomalies through digital twins, 2D maps, and video captures.
  • Consolidate and record periodic tower and asset inspection data on a single platform for change analysis and compliance purposes.

Data Delivery

SkyDeck, our end-to-end drone to data platform delivers 2D/3D data visualization and automated reports of telecom tower inspections that can drive downstream workflows.It facilitates easy sharing of data and collaboration between different stakeholders securely on the cloud.



digitization of tower sites


faster tower inspections


Enhance safety
of workers


increase in collaboration

Drone-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Enhance operational efficiency without investing in hardware, software, and analytics using Drone-as-a-Service solution.

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