VTOL drone with superior endurance
and range for critical missions

High endurance drone
for ISR operations

With a flight time of up to 120 minutes with payload and a range up to 20 km, the AT-15 is best suited for short range ISR missions.

The AT-15 drone weighs less than 8 kg making it extremely compact and portable.

Vertical takeoff and landing
for ease of operation

Designed as a hybrid VTOL platform, the AT-15 can takeoff and land vertically from an area as small as 5m x 5m. After reaching a safe height, the drone automatically transitions to fixed wing forward flight for maximum efficiency.

Secure communications

The AT-15 is equipped with a long range, license free, robust digital Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) communication link. All communications between the air vehicle and ground are AES-256 encrypted for maximum security.

Intuitive and easy to use

Asteria Mission Control makes piloting the AT-15 effortless. Asteria Mission Control features point-and-click mission planning, full payload control with video, snapshot and record/playback to unlock the full potential of the drone platform.

Integrated Dual EO-IR Payload

The AT-15 is equipped with an integrated dual EO-IR payload with the ability to switch between EO and IR video streams in flight.

The EO camera has a 20x optical zoom and the IR camera has a 4x digital zoom.

The payload has an in-built target tracking feature so that the camera stays locked onto a stationary/moving target without requiring constant camera control.

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